Assault Victim in the Fort Lauderdale Area?

Wilton Manors assault victim lawyer

As a personal injury lawyer in the Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale area I am sometimes asked – Can I sue if I am the victim of an assault and battery…in a shopping center parking lot or at a night club for example? You are in fact able to sue the property owner or your attacker.

Suing the Property Owners

If your assault was at a bar or in a parking lot for example, we would determine whether the owner of the property had proper security surveillance in place and / or appropriate lighting. These are two of the many factors we would look at as your personal injury attorney when deciding to sue a property owner.

We would also look into whether the property owner has liability insurance to cover damages on their property.

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Lawsuits Against the Assailant

You can also sue the person who assaults you but bear in mind they may not have any insurance or assets to cover with which to pay you any damages.

As you can see, there are complexities to pursuing a case like this, but it is very possible to achieve a positive outcome if you have a lawyer on your side who is experience and will do the hard work it takes to attain justice for you.

While it’s true there are many details and intricacies to pursuing an assault and batter civil case like this, a successful judgement and compensatory damages are possible if you have an injury lawyer on your team who knows the complexities of these types of cases and is willing to do the difficult work it takes to achieve justice for you.

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