Worker’s Compensation

It is important that you know your rights!

Under Florida Law, you have the right to make a claim for worker’s compensation when you are injured while performing your employment duties.

Your employer doesn’t have to be a large corporation to have the obligation of providing worker’s compensation coverage for you. Did you know that if your employer is in an industry, other than construction, and has four or more employees (full or part-time), they are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance? And, in the construction industry, the minimum number of employees required drops to one (including the business owner).

Joe Wagoner is an experienced worker compensation attorney with 26 years of experience handling workers comp cases in the Wilton Manors – Fort Lauderdale, Florida area

Don’t be Afraid!

Many employers get upset when hard working employees like yourself file a claim for an injury at work; and as such they choose to strike back by harassing and attempting to embarrass you. Don’t be afraid! And don’t quit your job. Some employers in Florida will use humiliating tactics to force the employee to quit. Or worse, they will simply fire the employee. In Florida, firing an employee who has filed an injury claim against his/her employer is illegal. If this happened to you or someone you know, call Joe immediately.

While the most common forms of worker compensation injuries are caused by falling or lifting heavy objects, you might not know other very real work-related harm can result from exposure to chemicals, fumes, dust, and even dangerous animals. Also, repetitive motion can cause injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome—a widespread stress-related workers compensation injury in South Florida.