Better Watch Out

Better Watch Out

Better Watch Out. Pokemon is back!

When you see young adults staring at their phones and pointing them at the sky or walking around in circles, they probably are playing the new game, Pokemon Go. People are finding Pokemon everywhere, and some places are very dangerous. Since the games release, injuries have been going up daily and both gamers and non-gamers are effected. Below are five different areas you should probably avoid if you are playing Pokemon Go:

1. Your neighbor’s backyard
2. An elementary school
3. Nuclear missile launch site
4. Airport
5. The White House

Whether you are playing the game or just hearing about it, everyone is being effected by people not paying attention to where they are walking. When you are driving around town, make sure you are very aware of kids walking across streets and randomly stopping to catch a Pikachu worth 405 critical points.

To ensure everyone’s safety, make sure you capture carefully and are always aware of your surroundings.


And should you happen to get injured while playing Pokemon Go, contact us for a complimentary consultation on your legal options.